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Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about plan2Site

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Q.  What is the relationship between J. A. Russell Ltd / Radcliffe Electrical and plan2Site?
A.  plan2Site is a service provided to electrical trade customers by J. A. Russell Ltd / Radcliffe Electrical. 

Q.  How long will it take to get my plan?
A. Most plans will be turned around within 1-2 working days. If there is some additional complexity to your plan, it may mean it will take a bit longer.

Q.  How do I purchase the recommended products from plan2Site?
A. Along with your plan2Site lighting plan you will also receive a quote. This quote can be converted into an order through on2Site at

Q.  How do I place an order for the suggested products?
A.  We have provided an option for you to select the products you want from the options selected. You will be able to export this list into excel to enter into your accounting system. OR, we have an option to email an order for the products directly from plan2Site. 

Q.  What type of files will you accept for my plans?
A.  We are able to accept .jpg, .png, and .pdf files.

Q.  Does the plan need to have all of the furnishings?
A.  It is not essential but the more information for the project the better. A clean plan is also helpful to submit. 

Q.  We have a plan that details the Kitchen, is this something that would be helpful to submit?
A.  Yes. The more plans for the project the better. Our planners will determine which they will use to provide the best solution for you.

Q.  Why do you need to know the ceiling height?
A.  The lighting engineer will need to know to ensure there is enough light coverage and the correct fittings are suggested.

Q.  What level of detail is included in a plan2Site lighting plan?
A.  Your plan2Site plan will give you an illustration of product placement and recommendations for you to take to your customer. The plans will not take into account exact lux or lighting levels or other complex requirements. For speciality designs we recommend you add details into the notes section within the submission process or email

Q.  I already have a J. A. Russell Ltd / Radcliffe Electrical account. Will my pricing be provided to me through plan2Site?
A.  Yes. Provide your account code when you submit a plan. We will validate it and use your pricing against the suggested products.